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HERE I STAND: Church attorney offers lessons from lawsuit – 8/26/98


I have been living with the "Barry Bailey litigation“ in Texas since I started working for The United Methodist Church in January 1995 ( see related story [ and] ) It was my first introduction to allegations of clergy misconduct of a sexual nature. It remains the most difficult misconduct case I have seen in these four years and one of the most painful experiences I have known as an attorney of 16 years.

As the litigation has been in progress of settlement this summer, I have spent many quiet moments reflecting on the experience and what I have learned.

It is in this quiet reflection that I share these lessons with the church.

It is important to say from the outset that my lessons are not statements about what should have been done, what was not done, or what was done incorrectly.

My comments are simply my own lessons that I hope all church organisations will be able to carry forward.

Mary Logan is chief counsel for the United Methodist General Council on Finance and Administration in Evanston, Illinios / USA.

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For a further explanation of the desirable attitude of churches and governments responsible for the abuse of children in institutions, see Institutional Child Abuse : Apologising for Serious Wrongdoing : Law Commission of Canada @ and also Institutional Child Abuse – Restoring Dignity : Responding to Child Abuse in Canadian Institutions : Law Commission of Canada @ (Unfortunately, no German translation of these two articles does exist as yet. And although the current compilator of this material here is fluent in both English and German he is unable to devote himself to an accurate translation of this material into German, because he is not a qualified interpreter.)

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