The operator of this website is the highly motivated community-minded Martin Mitchell from Australia (himself an instititionalised and abused minor in church institutions in the former West Germany)

( 09.05.2004 )

Public Announcement of First Annual "German institutional child abuse victims" Congress in Kassel.

"Former institutionalised children" of Germany, their relatives and friends, and other interested parties, are conducting their first annual congress on Saturday 29 May 2004. Commencement time: 11:30 hours.

The venue is the Olof Palme House in the city of Kassel, in the German State of Hessen. The street address is Eugene Richter Strasse No. 111, in the suburb of Helleböhn. Radio, TV and the print media will also be present.

For further information, and to notify your attendance, please contact Martin Mitchell in Australia @

Your attendance is of the greatest importance. Everyone attending is welcome to invite and bring along other former institutionalised children who may not as yet be known to our association.

Anyone wishing to give a short talk (of approximately 5 minutes duration) will be welcome so to do. Prior notice of such a desire would however be appreciated.

A hearty welcome to all from the *Federal Association of German children severely abused in Institutional Care, 1945-1985* = *Bundes-Interessengemeinschaft der misshandelten und missbrauchten Heimkinder Deutschlands, 1945-1985* (an association currently going through the long-drawn-out processes formal registration, in the city of Paderborn, in the German State of Westfphalia).

Our current and only Webpage, on the prevalence of institutional child abuse in *postwar* West-Germany (including massively applied state-sanctioned »child slave labour« primarily for the catholic and protestant churches and their institutions!), is , which is being operated by Martin Mitchell (without censorship!) from Australia.

[ Date of first publication on this Website: 9 May 2004 ]


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