The operator of this website is the highly motivated community-minded Martin Mitchell from Australia (himself an instititionalised and abused minor in church institutions in the former West Germany)

Censorship in some cases accompanied by threats and intimidation of the publisher of this topic – institutional child abuse in German church institutions – is being perpetrated and attempted against Martin Mitchell in Australia, even on the Internet.

In all regions and States of West-Germany over several post war decades existed: rampant systemic institutional child abuse in German church institutions, with the blessing or indifference of the State ( both state and federal governments, of all political persuasions! ) ! The situation in this regard in West-Germany was far worse, and institutional child abuse was much more widespread, and involved a far greater numbers of abused children and youth of all ages and both sexes, than in any other country of the world ! In West-Germany it also continued uninterrupted for a far longer period of time than anywhere else in the world (that would call itself an enlightened western democracy)! And during that entire period of time child slave labour in West-Germany was the order and (un)official (secret) policy of the day ! And many church and private business enterprises of the then new Bundesrepublik got fat from the profits derived from this human suffering of the poor, disenfranchised and forsaken !

Even today in Germany censorship and an ignoring of the facts is being perpetrated by all social classes when this uncomfortable and embarrassing topic of Germany’s recent past is being raised, in order to silence the hundreds of thousands of victims who live amongst us, us the adult population of Germany, or us who live amongst the refugee migrants who unskilled and penniless dispersed to all corners of the globe – just to get "away from Germany" and its tyranny!

Without recognition and acknowledgment of all those responsible for the abuse perpetrated on all these institutional child abuse victims – child slave labourers – their trauma and suffering continues throughout their adult life, and they cannot find peace and healing ! Like a festering sore their past haunts them constantly every day of their lives, for the rest of their lives (in their waking hours as well as in their sleep ! ) ! And it will also continue to haunt the entire German psyche until Germany acknowledges its past – the abuse of masses of its children (as well as some children who were not even German nationals, but who were being held nevertheless not only imprisoned in these institutions but imprisoned and held against their will in Germany as well ! ). It will continue to haunt the German psyche until all private, church, and state enterprises make amends to all the victims upon whom this abuse was being perpetrated and from whose labour and pain they derived major profits ! The perpetrators of this abuse and their accessories left a legacy of broken souls, broken spirits, broken bodies and not a few corpses strewn along the path, but nobody has so far been taken to task or accepted responsibility for this serious and deliberate rampant abuse and maltreatment (crimes against humanity ! ), either criminally or civilly !

Instead of facing reality, contrary to common sense, and without the slightest qualms, censorship has been used and continues to be applied to the topic of "institutional child abuse" and "child slave labour" on the following German Internet sites, and there are many, many more German webmasters, church and community leaders, media bosses, and state and federal politicians (even German lawyers, educators and health and other professionals are involved!) who adopt a similar stance: "Don’t acknowledge anything!" "Deny everything (as a unspoken and secret policy)!" "Ignore the problem and (sooner or later) it will go away (and will be forgotten about again!)." For example, censorship in one form or another takes place, on the following sites (and this is by no means a complete list of *all those participating in censorship in Germany today*):

Guestbook of the v. Bodelschwingschen Anstalten Bethel (by Bielefeld) @ (all contributions of Martin Mitchell and all other contribution from other people relevant to the topic of institutional child abuse occurring for decades within a subsidiary of this institution established in a peat bog (Anstalt Freistatt) were deleted, und then access to this guestbook denied by these Super-Censors to any contributions from South Australia).

Guestbook of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Parish of Haimar & Burgdorf-Rethmar in the State of and belonging to the State of Lower Saxony (Hannoveran protestant State Church) @ (Webmaster: Karl-Martin Voget : Super-Censor).

Guestbook of the University of Bielefeld @ (after numerous deletions guestbook removed entirely). Guestbook reopened about August 2004, but any contributions submitted by Martin Mitchell from Australia on the law or facts relating to child abuse are immediately deleted.

Guestbook of the Diakonie Freistatt (the former Anstalt Freistatt in the Wietingsmoor, a vast peat bog in Lower Saxony) @ (the current manager of Diakonie Freistatt, und the person responsible for the guestbook: Super-Censor Pastor Wolfgang Tereick) (Whilst after numerous deletions the guestbook does still exist, the Link has been removed from the page so that the general public does not know that the guestbook exists – so that nobody can visit it). At the beginning of June 2004 all remaining contributions from Martin Mitchell and other persons in this guestbook relating to the topic of institutional child abuse were removed. On or about 1 August 2004 the Link to the guestbook was restored, but Martin Mitchell from Australia is being denied access.

Guestbook/Forum of Mrs Erika Lotz, SPD Member of the Lower House of Parliament in the current Federal Government of Germany (a coalition government between Labour and the Greens) @

Guestbook of Mr Bernd Schmidbauer, CDU (Christian Democratic Union) currently serving CDU Opposition Member of the Lower House of Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany @ (Super-Censor).

Guestbook BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN/GAL Münster (The Greens: Coalition Partner in the Federal Government of Germany), Electorate of Münster @ (Webmaster: Thomas Marczinkowski (TM), (V.i.S.d.P.) (Super-Censor).

Discussion Forum of the Law-Practice Hans Jürgen Kotz of Kreuztal-Buschhütten (Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein) @ (Webmaster: Dr. Christian Kotz, Lawer). Deleted seven (7) months of contributions: queries, comments and replies, and now deletes all further entries originating from South Australia or dealing with the issue of child abuse in institutional care in German church institutions and the efforts of the victims to obtain justice.

Guestbook of the University of Siegen @ (after numerous deletions guestbook removed entirely).

The German guestbook of the massive international farm machinery company CLAAS, which in Germany had contracts with the church(es) to employ child slave labour in the manufacture of a selection of their products @ (Super-Censor).

Guestbook of the Dortmunder Vinzentinerinnen, who formerly had huge "(Irish) Magdalene Sisters" like laundries employing female child slave labour catering for Westphalian Breweries, Hospitals and private households of the rich and mighty @ (Super-Censor).

Guestbook of Mrs Brigitte Lösch, Stuttgart Electorate State Politician (responsible for Social Services in the areas of women, children, youth, addiction, and health) @

Guestbook of the Evangelical Church in the Parish of Ostseebad Zingst (in the former East Germany) @

Guestbook of the catholic Benediktinerabtei Ettal in the State of Bavaria @ (Super-Censor).

Guestbook and Forum of the (supposedly non-sectarian) Humanist Union, Marburg in the State of Westphalia @ und @ (Super-Censor).

Guestbook of the Academy/Faculty of Rehabilitative Sciences at the University of Dortmund @

Guestebook "Kinderrechte" (="Children's Rights"), Münster

Guestbook of the University of Münster @

Evangelical (church/community page) Münster guestbook @ http://kirchspiel-muenster/interaktiv/gaestebuch/.

Guestbook of IKvu ("Initiative Kirche von unten") of a revived German protestant church @ (Super-Super-Censor).

Ulrich Kelber, SPD Member of the Lower House of Parliament in the current Federal Government of Germany (Bonn Electorate) @

Guestbook of the Free Evangelical Church, Bonn @ and

Forum/Guestbook des FJH Journalistenb
üros @

Forum ("Websurfers’ Letters") of the Westfälischen Nachrichten (=Westphalian News), M
ünster und numerous branch-offices in other cities in the States of Westphalia and Lower Saxony @ (Super-Censor!).

Hamburger Abendblatt (=Hamburger Evening Post) @ (Super-Censor).

State Government of Lower Saxony. Guestbook of Ursula von der Leyen, CDU (Christian Democratic Union), Minister for Social Matters and Issues, Women, Family, and Health, in the regional government since March 2003, (married with seven children; husband, Prof. Dr. med Heiko von der Leyen) @ (Super-Consors).

Guestbook of German Publisher of Specialist and Scientific Publications Pty Ltd, Frankfurt-Main (Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH, Frankfurt am Main) @, Manager, Michael Schellenberger, Editorially responsible person, Volker Schütz (Super-Censors).

Guestbook of the Juso College Group, Münster (Juso Hochschulgruppe, Münster) – community oriented, democratic and ecologically savvy university, Münster @ (E-mail of person-in-charge Further access from Australia denied.

Guestbook of the state certified Liborius Secondary College in Dessau (Liborius Gymnasium Dessau) in tutelage and under the management of the Catholic Diocese of Magdeburg (in the former east East Germany) @, new manager (webmaster) Ronald Deutschland.

"Silence of the ‘Innocent’ ((?) “innocent as new born lambs” (?)) : Church and State!" ( G e r m a n y ) =
Das Schweigen der (Unschulds)Lämmer): Kirche und Staat!" ( D e u t s c h l a n d )

It seems that what the freedom-fighter Carl von Ossietzky asserted in the 1930ies still applies in Germany today:
"In Germany, he who exposes graft and corruption is considered to be more dangerous than he who perpetrates it!" = "In Deutschland gilt derjenige der of den Schmutz hinweist als viel gefährlicher als der, der ihn gemacht hat!"

[ Date of first publication on this Website: 3 June 2004 ] [ This document will continue to be updated as is considered necessary ]

[ NB.: The information pertaining to who was exercising censorship and when – in my humble opinion – was absolutely correct and the publication of these names and accompanying details of those censoring fully justified at the date of publication (and at the times of the updating of these details for several weeks thereafter); and the situation pertaining to this censorship did not greatly change until after the publication – on 07.02.2006 – of the non-fiction SPIEGEL-book "Schläge im Namen des Herrn – Die verdrängte Geschichte der Heimkinder in der Bundesrepublik [Deutschland]" (ISBN 342105892X) = "Beaten in God s Name The hidden history of institutionalised children in postwar West-Germany" by Journalist and multiple book author Peter Wensierski (see, too, the author’s own home page @ / predominantly in German. A couple of book reviews in English do exist, however, on the Internet; one of these can be found here @

In some few instances, however, censorship is continuing even now, and new censors have joined in (including some from Austria and Switzerland, countries that have had similar post-war scandals, and have so far not owned up (or not fully owned up)).

If any person or organisation listed above wishes to contact Martin Mitchell in writing and advise him that they do no longer censor him or what he presents or represents, they may do so and their details will thereupon be removed from the list.

Signed: Martin Mitchell, 20. September 2006, Adelaide, Australia. ]

Bitte nicht vergessen auch "Ehemalige Heimkinder" @ zu besuchen.

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